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28 Years!

We are now celebrating 28 years in business 1989-2017!

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Frank Marsh

Frank Marsh is a member of the Human Potential Consultants Inc. (HPCI) team.  He has been training investigators for the last 15 years in the skills and strategies of:

  • Interviewing;
  • Communication analysis (detecting deception);
  • Effective communication;
  • Intelligence analysis;
  • Effective briefing techniques.

He has trained TC inspectors across Canada in the S.M.S. Interview Skills workshops.

He has trained special agents, intelligence analysts, police officers, investigators, in the U.S. and Canada.  Assistant U.S. Attorneys around the U.S., he has worked with the FBI Academy, Justice Academy and international training conferences in Honduras and Uzbekistan.

In October 2008, he will be featured on the History Channel’s “Secrets of Body Language.”

As a certified handwriting analyst he has been called upon by law enforcement as an expert witness in cases involving child abuse, homicide, arson, theft, forgeries and threatening letters cases.

Frank Marsh is a former Marine Corps Intelligence Officer who served during Desert Storm and rescue operations into Mogadishu, Somalia.  After leaving the Marine Corps, he worked for the Drug Enforcement Administration as an Intelligence analyst where he was assigned to the El Paso Intelligence Center in El Paso, Texas.

In 1993, Frank was transferred to the National drug Intelligence Center, located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.  The NDIC is the strategic drug center for the Department of Justice that is charged with producing strategic drug threat assessments for the law enforcement and intelligence communities.


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